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"Do you practice 'safe computing'?"        

Computers are not only expensive machines, but they are the life-blood of a company.  Computers make life easier; they store data, process information and pass it between members of each corporation.  Important as they are, it is absolutely necessary to take steps to protect your computers from harmful components such as viruses, and spy ware.  Viruses can be a real problem, and shockingly, spy ware infects an estimated 90% of all Internet-connected computers.  The presences of worms, trojans, viruses and spy ware can cripple a business and cost them a fortune.

       'tis the season for static electricity!  Static electricity is an electrical charge that builds in our bodies until we touch an object and then it is released.  Although static can be seen as nothing serious, that little shock can mean big trouble for electronic devices such as your computer.  Static can permanently damage your computer and cause it to stop working properly, or stop working altogether.  Now that it's that time of year, you can take precautionary measures to protect your computers from static electricity.

What to do:

  • Maintain a trusted virus-scanner (like the ones by CA) as well as a spy ware scanner.  Renew your subscriptions when they are due.

  • Update your scanners frequently for protection against emerging infections and run a full scan monthly.

  • Avoid unfamiliar websites and links.

  • Delete temporary internet files and cookies.

  • Immediately delete unknown e-mails.

  • Report infections to your PC service provider promptly.

  • Avoid wearing fluffy sweaters (that can build up static) while using a PC.

  • De-charge yourself by touching something other than an electronic device prior to using a PC.

  • Avoid the use of portable heaters near your workstation.  These promote static by decreasing the relative humidity of your environment.




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